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 I consider myself one of the luckiest and most blessed people on the planet. When I was 17 years old I was introduced to a martial art and philosophy that would change my life and set me on an incredible journey which continues to this day.  It was the art and philosophy developed by one of the greatest martial artists of all time – Bruce Lee.

In my years of serving as a global ambassador for Jeet Kune Do, teaching and traveling across the United States and around the world I've encountered countless people who have informed me of how they have been influenced and inspired by Bruce Lee and his philosophy, and how it has helped change their life for the better. But when I asked them to define what in Lee's philosophy effected such a change, most were unable to explain it clearly. I realized I could combine my passion (the art and philosophy of Jeet Kune Do) and a way of helping other people, and decided to make it my mission to not only share with people the core philosophical principles and thought processes that helped Bruce Lee become the self-actualized person he was, but also help them understand how, by integrating these principles and thinking processes into their own life, they can liberate themselves and realize their innate potential.

I'm an evangelist for personal liberation; liberation of body, mind, and spirit. I believe in human potential; the potential that resides in each and every individual. And I want to help people discover (or re-discover) their own potential and actualize it so they can enrich their life and achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

Personal Liberation represents the distilled fruits of what for me has been a life-long labor of love. I've devoted over four decades of my life and invested a great deal of time and energy in developing my expertise in this field, working diligently to broaden my understanding of Bruce Lee's philosophy and seeking out fresh applications of it. And I have distilled what I've gleaned from my years of training and learning down to its essence in order to share it with others."        


                                                                                            Chris Kent  


Chris Kent, founder of Personal LiberationTM, is not only one of the world's foremost experts on Bruce Lee's martial art known as Jeet Kune Do, but also on his philosophy of self-actualization and personal liberation. Widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading authorities on JKD, he has gained international recognition for his knowledge and leadership in perpetuating the art, training methods, and philosophy developed by Lee. 


As a teacher and professional consultant, Chris has traveled the world, teaching and sharing the benefit of his expertise in Bruce Lee’s art and philosophy with thousands of people. 

As a Personal Development Specialist, Chris helps individuals seeking personal growth and personal excellence to discover (and in some cases, re-discover) their own potential and actualize it. Through assisting them in cultivating a new philosophical framework, developing the necessary tools, and establishing a brand new outlook on life, he helps them achieve liberation of body, mind and spirit.

An accomplished writer and author, in his ground-breaking book, “LIBERATE YOURSELF! - A Guide to Personal Freedom” and it's companion resource workbook, "P.L.A.N. - Personal Liberation Action Notebook," Chris shares with the public for the first time not only the fundamental tenets of Lee’s philosophy of self-actualization and personal liberation, but also offers personal insights as well as simple and concrete examples on how individuals can apply the same principles in their own personal and professional life.

In addition to LIBERATE YOURSELF!  and The Personal Liberation Action Notebook, Chris has authored 3 of the highest rated technical books on Jeet Kune Do: "The Encyclopedia of Jeet Kune Do", "Jeet Kune Do - The Textbook", and "Jeet Kune Do Kickboxing." He has also both written for and appeared in numerous martial art publications both nationally and internationally including Inside Kung Fu, Black Belt, Martial Art Masters, Budo International, Combat and Martial Arts Illustrated. Chris has also written and produced three series of  JKD training videotapes and DVDs which are rated as among the best in the industry.

Working in the field of sports and athletics, Chris has served as a training consultant to professional sports teams including the San Francisco 49er's. He has also worked with many law enforcement personnel and has been extensively involved in the field of executive security.

Personal Testimonials

“For four decades, Chris Kent has immersed himself in the martial arts education founded by my late husband, Bruce Lee. In addition to being highly skilled in the technical aspects of Jeet Kune Do, Chris is an excellent teacher and has a firm grasp of martial arts philosophy and its practical application."

Linda Lee Cadwell

Bruce Lee's wife/widow



“Chris Kent is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced Jeet Kune Do instructors in the world.”

Ted Wong

Bruce Lee’s close friend and last private student



“Never content to blindly accept only one source of information on Jeet Kune Do, Chris Kent has spent decades researching the history, art, science and philosophy of Bruce Lee’s art and studying under only the most qualified and authentice practitioners. His keen mind, coupled with his insightful and dedicated approach to training, have resulted in the cultivation of awesome physical skills, and made him one of the foremost authorities on Jeet Kune Do in the world.”

John Little

World-renowned fitness author, filmmaker, former Bruce Lee archivist and biographer



“Chris Kent is a descendant of the Bruce Lee legacy, and an instructor whom I consider to be an unquestionable disciple who will do his part to ensure that Bruce Lee’s art will not become distorted and lost in the future.”

Taky Kimura

Bruce Lee’s senior-most student and oldest friend



“I have first hand experience of the personal liberation that comes from JKD. Bruce Lee’s focus and dedication to the advancement of his art, both physically and philosophically, lives on undiminished in the work of my teacher, Chris Kent. His ability to clearly and practically communicate Lee’s ideas stems from his extensive access to Bruce Lee’s personal writings combined with his four decade’s long commitment to learning.  His teaching has had a profound effect on my life.  As a surgeon at a trauma hospital, I deal with daily stress and conflict and can say without qualification that I now handle situations with more equanimity and better grace." 
Ann-Marie Yost, MD


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