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Bruce Lee revolutionized the world of martial arts, and revolutionized the world of action cinema. LIBERATE YOURSELF! How To Think Like Bruce Lee takes you on an insightful trip inside the mind behind the man and shares with you the dynamic philosophy of self-actualization and personal liberation synthesized by Bruce Lee to become not only one of the most influential martial artists of the 20th Century, but also a cinematic superstar.

The spectacular achievements of Bruce Lee in the worlds of both the martial arts and film is well known -- but that's not to say that it's well understood.


How did Bruce Lee achieve his phenomenal success? While hard work obviously played an important and integral role, it was Lee's philosophical outlook and thought processes that guide him and enabled him to actualize his full potential as a martial artist, as a film actor, writer, producer, and director, and perhaps, most important, as a human being. As Lee evolved his revolutionary, "non-restrictive" approach to martial art training and combat, he simultaneously evolved a unique, non-restrictive philosophy toward life and living, the central theme of which is "personal liberation."


In this ground-breaking book, world-renowned Jeet Kune Do instructor Chris Kent shares with you the core tenets of the dynamic philosophy of self-actualization and personal liberation synthesized by the legendary martial artist and cinematic superstar, Bruce Lee.

Liberate Yourself! - How to Think Like Bruce Lee is over 330 pages, with 51 chapters which explore Bruce Lee’s philosophy in depth, including such things as:

•    Emptying Your Cup
•    Maintaining Fluidity of Thought and Action
•    Immersing Yourself in the Moment
•    Refusing to Accept Boundaries and Limitations
•    Changing with Change
•    Hacking Away the Non-essentials
•    Warming Up and Attuning
•    Cultivating Your Tools and Performance Skills
•    Developing Laser-sharp Focus
•    Striving for Excellence
•    Kicking Into Action Cultivating Effective Countering Skills
•    Vanquishing Your “Invisible Enemies”
•    Cultivating the Art of “Fitting In”
•    Mastering the Use of Strategies and Tactics
•    Cultivating an Attitude of Undaunted Optimism


-- and many more!

Liberate Yourself! - How to Think Like Bruce Lee offers you a fluid set of operating principles you can use to cultivate a flexible, highly adaptable attitude toward living life to its fullest, develop the skills and confidence required to free yourself from the chains of limitation, whether of physical or psychological origin, and raise your living to the level of an art form.


Filled with invaluable information and inspiration, “Liberate Yourself!” is your first step towards achieving personal. If you truly want to understand the philosophical principles used and advocated by Bruce Lee and learn how to apply them in your own life, this book is a must have!

If you are ready and willing to take the plunge and begin your own process of personal liberation order LIBERATE YOURSELF! in hard copy format and e-book format at 


Outside the US: Liberate Yourself! is available at

Available in print and eBook Format!

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Acclaim for "Liberate Yourself"

"An amazing read. This is a must for any Jeet Kune Do practitioner or martial artist that wants to understand the philosophy of Bruce Lee and how to apply it in their daily lives. Sifu Chris Kent, phenomenal job, sir."

- Harinder Singh Sabharwal

  Speaker, Author, and High Performance Coach

"Your inspiration continues to guide us toward personal liberation" -- that is the message I had engraved on my late husband, Bruce Lee's, headstone when he passed away in 1973. Today I am inspired by the publication of a book entitled "LIBERATE YOURSELF! - A Guide to Personal Freedom" by Chris Kent that elaborates on the message of personal liberation. Chris has studied Bruce's art and philosophy for forty years.He is a gifted martial artist and teacher, but beyond that he has grasped the underlying philosophy of Bruce's art and applied it to daily living. In reading "Liberate Yourself" one will not only understand Bruce Lee's way of thinking better, but will discover new ways of looking at and improving one's own life. In understandable language, Chris has laid out a blueprint for taking control and overcoming obstacles. I highly recommend Chris' book to anyone wanting to take the next step toward personal liberation."


- Linda Lee Cadwell

  Bruce Lee's widow

Within the pages of LIBERATE YOURSELF Chris has not only provided a brilliant insight into the mind of Bruce Lee, but more importantly an easy access guidebook to self-discovery and personal liberation.” “It is the best book on applying Bruce's philosophy to everyday life that has ever been written.

- John Little
  World-renowned fitness author, filmmaker


In “LIBERATE YOURSELF” Chris has succeeded in taking Bruce’s philosophical ideas and principles out of the martial art arena and into the arena of daily living. I think Bruce would be proud of the job Chris has done in bringing his philosophical thoughts and ideas into the public light and helping people understand how, by applying them in their own lives, they can in turn liberate themselves and actualize their own potential.

- Taky Kimura 
  Bruce Lee’s closest friend and most   senior student


What a read!  Kent's pedigree within the lineage of Bruce Lee's teaching is undeniable but so is his humility as he engagingly condenses Lee's wisdom into a book that will lead the earnest martial artist, as well as all others who are genuinely willing to examine themselves, toward  the practical application of enlightenment.
- Ron Renaud
Executive coach and speaker, author of The  Uncompromised


I have read many books by other writers on self help and positive thinking! But I have to say that in your book Chris, I have never looked deeper into myself both on a personal level and with regards to my Jeet Kune Do. The area's that you cover which relate to looking and your physical, emotional and psychological self is amazing and I cannot now wait to get and read your other book, "P.L.A.N.--Personal Liberation Note Book." I will honestly say that it has made me look at things in a way that works for ME and not just for others. 

- Rob Jarvis (Alfreton, England)

A brilliant read for anyone with a interest in self improvement. In this book Chris Kent does what other self improvement books never seem to manage and that is he guides you on how to apply Bruce Lee's teaching to your daily life and outside of the training environment.
- Mic Clark

  Professional martial art instructor

This is one great book... Once I got the book, I dove right into it and have not been able to put it down. This is one of the best books I have read on the philosophy of Bruce Lee's JKD.
Sifu Pablo J. Zamora

Professional Martial Arts Instructor

This book has many nuggets of pure gold.
- Pete Sisco

  World-renowned fitness author, trainer

 "As a surgeon at a trauma hospital, I deal with daily stress and conflict and can say without qualification that I now handle situations with more equanimity and better grace. Following these precepts has enable me to become a physically and emotionally healthier person -- better able to respond to on-going change in my life, more confident and calm. The principles are applicable to anone looking to change their life for the better."

- Ann Marie Yost, M.D. -- Neurosurgeon

 "I was amazed at the content and thoughts in this book. Definitely one of the top 3 "self-help" books I have ever read and I have read HUNDREDS of them over the last 40 years. Honestly the book was so good it shocked me. A book I wil read several times. It is a great book to read several pages and ponder every day. FANTASTIC job writing this Chris."

- Ken Ellsworth

 "This book is the only one of its kind. It takes Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do theories and applies them to one's everyday life. This book offers new ways to look at things, problem solving and personal growth on every page. Highly recommened for everyone.

- Bob Landers

  Professional Martial Arts Instructor

 "We have all read the quotes! But have you really invested the time to understand how Bruce viewed the outside world, but more importantly how he viewed and thought about the world from within. I ecommend this book to anyone who would like to understand how Bruce Lee thought. This book brings valuable insights and understanding to the philosophical side of Bruce Lee. Read as you contnue your journey through life and unleash the true insight and power within. Chris Kent has done a fabulous job of passing on Bruce Lee's philosophical genius. Enjoy!"

- Entrepreneur (via Amazon)

 "I got so much out of this book. I am going to read it a second time here soon with the workbook that came out. If you are struggling to overcome something, os strive to reach goals that seem daunting... whatever it is you're going through, I assure that you will find some answers hidden throughout this book. Give this a read and you will want to go through it again with the workbook."

- Layne Boyle


 "This book is OUTSTANDING! A must for any martial artist, not only that you have to be a martial artist to read/use this book. It really does put a positive light on everyday situations!"

- Brian Brokaw

 "A great look into the philosophy of Bruce Lee. Great for beginners and the experienced alike. I suggest picking up the workbook as well."

- Izzy Ayola

 "I can say, thoroughly recommended, not only as a self-help/motivational book, but also to understand what Bruce Lee was about, how he put it into practice for his own personal growth. This book is therefore very useful for those who want to apply his thinking in your own daily life, but also for those who want to understand what made Bruce Lee so successful. In the short time he lived, he did so to his fullest potential, something that anyone who reads this book might just be able to do themselves and that is quite liberating."

- Tarikoos (via Amazon)

Begin Your Personal Liberation Process Now!

Liberate Yourself! 
How to Think Like Bruce Lee

Designed to work in conjunction with Chris Kent’s book “LIBERATE YOURSELF! – How to Think Like Bruce Lee”; this workbook can be used as a resource guide and a catalyst for thought and action to help you move toward achieving personal liberation in all aspects of your life: liberation of BODY, liberation of MIND, liberation of SPIRIT. In addition to sharing with you the fundamental tenets of the philosophy of self-actualization and personal liberation utilized by the legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee, the workbook will help you identify, understand and integrate these principles into your own life, and includes:

•    Action Worksheets that can be used to help you explore yourself and increase your self-knowledge and self-understanding, along with personal Self-Assessment checklists.

•    Exercises that will give you the opportunity to apply and experience a particular principle and relate it to your own life.


•    An Appendix filled with various types of relaxation, breathing and visualization exercises you can utilize when you find yourself coming up against obstacles or performance barriers. 

•    Several blank pages you can use to record your own personal notes, observations, ideas, etc. 

Order it NOW!
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Chris Kent's
Dynamic Personal Liberation
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