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Live Your Legacy

Bruce Lee left behind him a legacy that has grown and is still growing worldwide since his untimely passing forty years ago. But personally, I don't think that Lee himself didn't think too much about legacy. Not because he wasn't thinking about dying (after all, he did have a brush with death early in 1973 when, while doing sound-dubbing for his last film, he passed out and his heart stopped), but instead because he just thought about getting up everyday and actualizing his potential both as a martial artist and a filmmaker, doing great work and creating something that other people would love.

I think we could all take a lesson from this and attempt to live our life in the same way. Rather than pointing our attention far ahead to some distant, foggy place in the future, we can choose to get up each day and develop ourselves, be it physically, mentally, spiritually, or all of them combined, and likewise strive to do good work and create something others will love as much as we do. Doing this would allow us to focus and direct our energy on being fully present in each moment, find our passion or core purpose, and help us become extraordinary as opposed to being mired in mediocrity.

In the Spirit of Personal Liberation,


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