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Learn to 'Walk On!'

The phrase “Walk On” was an immensely important in Bruce Lee’s overarching philosophy of living. So important, in fact, that he even had it written on the back of one of his business cards which he displayed on his desk to remind himself to keep moving forward and to flow on in the current of life.

For each of us, our life is an ever-flowing process, and that somewhere on the path unpleasant things can and will pop up. The odds that only good things will ever happen to us are extremely slim, and the likelihood that every one of our dreams and desires will always be fulfilled is minute. The fact is that we are not going to pass every test we take in school, or get every job or career position we go after. That is the nature of life. No matter how much you prepare, something might, and probably will go differently from how you planned.

During our lives each of us will experience such things as plateaus, slumps, failures, defeats, and loss. Sooner or later each of us will have to confront events that may contradict our goals and objectives; disappointments, failures, severe illness, financial reversals, setbacks, etc. And how we choose to deal with each of these things, the mental attitude we maintain towards them, will decide whether these adversities and challenges become stumbling blocks that restrict or limit us, or stepping stones to personal growth. The choice is ours. We can allow the situation, challenge, or problem to cast a dark cloud of negativity in our life and in our thoughts and drag us down, or we can use it to lift us up and help us to grow.

To “walk on” means that we choose to move forward without looking back and regretting all the many failures and shortcomings we may have experienced, and believing that we’re not stuck in the same place that we have been in the past. It means choosing to accept the fact that we have no control over the outcome of timing in life, and recognizing that something that has already happened cannot be undone, so it is fruitless to waste our time and energy wishing it could be otherwise. To “walk on” means understanding that what seems to us like bitter anguish or defeat in the moment can turn out to sow the seeds of unimaginable success and/or happiness for us down the road.

For Bruce Lee there was only one direction and that was forward. In his notes he wrote, “Everything lives by moving, and gain strength as they go.” For each of us, moving forward holds the only possibility for change and growth. By walking on we can turn adversity into a springboard of opportunity and discovery. So if you find yourself becoming discouraged during any part of your life’s journey, remember Lee’s words and make the decision to “Walk On.”

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